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I appreciate Mike Clark’s guidance and knowledge with interpretation of the GX Sciences nutrigenomics tests. This field is vast and ever-changing and Mr. Clark can summarize the importance and relationship of the SNP’s as we specifically talk about the symptoms and imbalances with my clients. 

I have also appreciated the vast description and references he provides for the individual SNP’s as well as the information about Neurobiology products that may be supportive for my clients. Lastly, that my client’s information is safe and protected holds great value for me as a provider.

Jennifer Robin Musiol

Nurse Practitioner, Epigenetics & Advanced Hormone Consulting

Since starting my preventive medicine practice I have incorporated GX Sciences nutrigenomic testing. I have seen several patients with a symptom complex that I would not have a solution for by merely taking a good history, doing a physical exam and checking appropriate lab work including hormones. Using nutrigenomic testing and finding certain gene polymorphisms I was able to formulate a cost-effective plan to address the consequences of their SNPs. The physician trainers were available to help interpret the testing results and further my education about nutrigenomic testing and the utility in helping my patients. 

Henry Martin Jr. MD

Doctor, Cardinal Age Management Medicine Institute, CAMMI

As the medical director of Natural Bio Health for 9 years and practicing medicine now 52 years, I was introduced to gene testing about a year ago by Mike Clark. Having reviewed all the available panels and performing over 75  various gene testing, it has become evident to me that every patient in my practice should have their genes tested. 

 There are many disease-specific panels available but I have been leaning toward the pro 7 that has generally enough genes to cover most of the specific panels. I have found the testing to be valuable not only in uncovering mutations that have been expressed causing symptoms that a patient has but also to bring to the attention of the patients the risk factors for the future. 

I understand now that Mike Clark, our GX Trainer, has developed, with the GX CEO, Michael Willoughby, a Pro7 For Kids panel that will cover most of the needed gene SNPs. He will also have a very cost-effective add-on Panel that will test an additional 9 genes if more genetic information is needed. 

 The cost of gene testing has become a non-issue for patients when they are shown the value that it will bring. Often, when a family member is tested and he or she now sees the value of the testing, several other family members are then tested. 

 For training and support, in addition to the online training, I highly recommend all providers take advantage of the personal training offered by Mike Clark. He not only goes over with you any panel you might order but he also provides his Summary reports with a recommended treatment plan. Mike also sends various articles and references materials that relate to the Genetic testing. 

Joseph R. Feste, MD, FACOG. AACG. AACS

Doctor, Natural Bio Health

I met Mike Clark during a Transformation Enzymes annual conference early this year. He was manning a booth for GXsciences. GXsciences is a lab in which a physician can utilize to acquire knowledge of gene SNPs and interpretation of their patients’ nutritional needs.  At the present time, GXsciences performance is head and shoulder above all other labs. The test results are precise, broad base, but thorough to insure a proper scan of your patient’s gene anomalies. I would strongly recommend this lab service for building your practice by the means of; developing a direct precise treatment protocol for your patients, remove speculating nutritional support, and acquire faster results to your most complex cases.

 The major factor for such superior action Is this gentleman, Mike Clark. The support system he provides to the beginner is massive. His knowledge in gene interpellation and product protocol is invaluable.  His tutoring skills and reading recommendation are exemplary. Mike will review your cases via phone and the internet. The personal interaction and his insights are great for you and your patient. The knowledge I have gained, by Mike’s support, in a short period of 90 days would be measured approximal 18 months or better if I were to attend seminars, webinars and or basic research. You want him on your team.

 My association with Mike and GXsciences has been professional, eye-opening, alongside learning new treatment protocols and best of all, it has brought the fun back into my practice. I strongly recommend GXsciences and Mike Clark without any reservations. 

Dr. Art Copes D.N.M. PH.D.

Doctor, Bio Wellness Center