Many of our WorldLink/MTS Providers are earning extra income and obtaining important health information about their patients without leaving their offices. Significantly, patients do not need to come to their offices. 

Suggestion: Order kits to be sent directly to the patient and offer a phone consultation to discuss the test results. Recommended products can then be mailed or drop-shipped to the patient. Avoids potential Coronavirus issues. To order kit to be dropped shipped to your clients, log in to your GX Sciences account and go to  Order Kits/Pay for Swabs and click on Drop Ship Kit to Patient. Questions? Contact

My story for increased short-term and long-term income: I work directly with a provider and together we now have over 90 clients who have done genetic testing and who are ordering our products recommended through the knowledge gained with their gene profile. Using primarily the Pro 7 panel, my share of the net profit from the sales of the gene test has been approximately $18,000 to date (my retail charge is $628 which includes a phone consultation, recommendations of products to clients, and ordering of products with follow-ups). Some providers charge less, some charge more. Most providers do this themselves after training with me. Training is FREE. Just ask. See below for Mailbox money.

Note for Telemedicine:  Several of the Medquest providers are doing much better than described above. One doctor, who sells several GX Science Genetic Tests per week, now offers discounted “30 minutes $200 telemed consultations (normally $250)”. This can be used for any health concerns. Others are slowly increasing their mailbox money.

Mailbox money: My share of the sales of products is now approximately $5,000 per month. The gene testing information has provided more accurate recommendations and adds credibility to the recommendations. Clients tend to get better results because their recommendations are more scientifically based (and accurate). As more clients do gene testing, the basis for sales of products continues to expand.
In Texas, we call this mailbox money.


– Genetic Guided Nutritional Supplementation specifically addresses the unique biochemical deficiencies based on the individual’s unique genetic make-up.

– Diet modulated genes play a role in the onset, incidence, progression, and severity of chronic disease.

– Gene Testing Provides the Information / Nutrigenomics Provides the Solutions. 


The GX Sciences genetic tests identify actionable genes. What does this mean? To be actionable means we can do something about the risk factors and health conditions related to individual mutations (SNPs) identified through genetic testing. 


Like lab testing for hormone levels, genetic testing gives you vital information. However, the next step is what to do with this information. This is Nutrigenomics. In many respects, this is the future of medicine. Ordering products: see below. 


Genetic testing follows the principle that “the body possesses a unique ability to heal itself from most injuries or disease states.” This is done through dietary solutions and supplementation when appropriate. This is called Nutrigenomics.


What to order? What does this patient need? Genetic Guided Nutritional Supplementation and dietary recommendations specifically address the unique biochemical deficiencies based on the individual’s unique genetic make-up. Genetic testing helps us better identify and understand the deficiencies and helps take the guesswork out of proposed solutions.  



  • Chronic Disease Results from the Emergence of a Disturbed Metabolism.
  • Lifestyle and environment are the major factors altering gene expression that results in disturbed metabolism.
  • Chronic disease is a foodborne illness.
  • Food is information. It regulates gene expression


Quotes from UC Davis Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics 5 Tenets

  • Common dietary chemicals affect gene expression or structure
  • Dietary influences on health depend on genetic makeup and biochemical individuality
  • Diet modulated genes play a role in the onset, incidence, progression, and severity of chronic disease
  • Dietary intervention based on knowledge of nutritional requirement, nutritional status and genotype can be used to prevent, mitigate or cure chronic disease


How is your supplement business? Are patents benefitting from scientifically recommended products that are guided by their genetic profile and your professional advice? Or are they purchasing through the latest marketing efforts of questionable companies and shady experts? 


Industry Statistics: 

  • In 2004 – $20 billion Industry
  • In 2018 – $132 billion Industry
  • By 2024 – $284 billion Industry
  • 170 million adults in the U.S. take supplements 


Other statistics: 

  • 3 out of 4 patients over 55 take supplements daily.
  • Most of their education is online or through commercials. 
  • >70% of the supplements taken provide no biological effect for the patient.
  • Most supplements produced in Asia.


Ordering Products: Medquest offers Nutrigenomic products that are recommended in the genetic test results at

Go to  and click on “genetics” under Products.  


If you have any questions, you can ask Russ Campbell for help. You can also reach out to Alberto Perez.