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Why Take Supplements?

“Only12% of Americans are metabolically healthy, while the remaining 88% are at risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or another chronic, diet-related condition.”  University of North Carolina research team. Araujo et al. 2018.

I am often asked the question: “Why do I have to take so many supplements?”

The most direct answer is our world has changed. Of course, you always have a choice of whether to take supplements. The question is what is best for your health, physical and mental?  

My choice: I choose to take many supplements, eat a mostly healthy diet, exercise regularly, and do regular testing of my health (not the annual physical kind that tells you almost nothing). 

Why? In today’s world we must deal with nutrient-depleted soil, chronic stressors, including exposure to heavy metals and synthetic chemicals, GMO foods, sugar-laden foods, pesticides, herbicides, and pollutants, and contradictory and often false information from not only Drug and Food Companies, but our government and academic “experts.”  

Supplements are meant to supplement our diet. However, how many of us eat only nutrient-rich foods, are drug-free, live in a pristine, toxin-free environment, and wake up feeling refreshed every morning?
If not, perhaps a personalized approach to adding supplements to your daily routine might help. 

Ok. So, adding supplements to a healthy diet will improve my health and may even help prevent chronic diseases. How do I know which supplements are best suited for me?  


Genetic Guided Nutritional Supplementation specifically addresses the unique biochemical deficiencies based on the individual’s unique genetic make-up.”

Up until relatively recently, even those who were thought to be experts in nutrition selected supplements mostly through trial and error and educated guesses. They did try to ensure a quality product that included scientifically validated ingredients manufactured by trusted sources. 


We still want the highest quality ingredients from trusted companies. However, we now have a much more precise and personalized way to help determine what specific supplements and foods, best serve our individual needs. This is done through Genetic Testing (when done correctly) and the application of Nutrigenomics. 


Genetic testing of our DNA can identify carefully selected and scientifically supported genes that play a key role in our health. Mutations in our genes can lead to weaknesses in our body’s ability to combat depression, anxiety, poor focus and concentration, poor sleep quality, detoxification, and many more areas of our health.  Individual genetic variations impact our ability to make and use different nutrients critical for digestion, detoxification, tolerance to gluten, blood sugar regulation, mitochondrial function, free radical production/premature aging, antioxidant production and much more.


Nutrigenomics is the study and branch of genetic research of how foods affect our genes and how, in return, genetic variations affect the way we react to nutrients in foods. After identifying the weaknesses (mutations) in our DNA through genetic testing, we can now use this science to determine what nutrition (nourishment) is needed to support our genetic weaknesses. We call this personalized medicine. One size does not fit all and each of us has a unique genetic profile and unique needs. 


For example, different people respond in different ways to different diets because the variations in our DNA can have a significant impact on our metabolic efficiency, how or what causes us to lose or gain weight and more. For example, if a person has genetic mutations in his or her autophagy genes (see below diagram), insulin resistance would affect their ability to lose weight and put them at higher risk for diabetes. A product like D-Chiro Inositol addresses this particular mutation. 

For example, different people respond in different ways to different diets because the variations in our DNA can have a significant impact on our metabolic efficiency, how or what causes us to lose or gain weight and more. 


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